In addition to traditional peer reviewed academic articles, the Southern Historian is also accepting a variety of manuscripts as described below. Collectively, we call them “Think Pieces.”

Micro-Source History Pieces:

This piece will examine a single source (or small collection of sources), and provide a close reading asking new questions or offering a nuanced perspective of the source(s).

Photo Histories:

This kind of paper should examine a photograph or series of photographs. You may want to examine the contemporary impact and/or the long-term transformation of the meaning of and debates surrounding a specific photograph(s).

Conference Panel Papers:

Graduate conferences are welcome to submit panel papers for publication. All papers in the submission should come from a single panel or panels with interlocking topics.

Local Histories:

This kind of history can help us to better understand how we think about the broader historiographical narrative by examining how local history fits or does not fit into the broader (for example national) narratives. Local history think pieces can also highlight historical figures (groups, etc.) that may be lessor known, but who have had a significant impact on their own local communities and therefore contribute to our broader understanding of larger picture/narratives.

Historiographical Essays:

In this type of essay, graduate students are welcome to present an overview of a specific historiography and the most recent questions historians are asking with the objective of highlighting new areas where research is needed. This is a great opportunity for graduate students to work out new topics for research and potential dissertation topics.


The Deadline for Think Pieces is December 1, 2018.

All submissions should be emailed as a Word file to Please specify what category of submission your work falls into; otherwise, we will assume the submission is a traditional manuscript submission.

All submissions should follow the listed specifications:

  • 12 point font
  • Double space
  • Times New Roman
  • Chicago Style citation
  • Between 12-20 pages in length (flexible)
  • Page numbers bottom right
  • Photos/Images should be as JPEG’s or PDF’s