The Southern Historian¬†is currently seeking original scholarly work by graduate students focusing on the history and culture of the American South. The deadline for manuscript submission is December¬†15, 2022, but early submissions are strongly encouraged. Manuscripts should be typed, double-spaced, no more than 30 pages, and should use footnotes (formatted using the Chicago Manual of Style). An electronic copy (including footnotes) of the manuscript should be emailed in Microsoft Word format to Contributors must be active graduate students. The author’s name and contact information should appear only on the cover sheet. We employ the blind refereeing method, using at least three references for each manuscript. Our Senior Editorial Board referees all article submissions. The Senior Editorial Board is made up of professors from across the Southeast. Each referee will return a report and an edited copy to the Editor, who will then forward them to the author. If conditionally accepted for publication, the author will be expected to make revisions before a final determination on publication will be made. For more information, please contact us at: