From the Editor's Desk6
Conversation: Gary GallagherGlenn Brasher7
"The Milk in the Cocoanut": Booker T. Washington, Theodore Roosevelt, and the Fear of Conspiracy in Alabama's 1901 Constitutional Ratification Referendum.R. Volney Riser30
"I Must Go Through However": Ulysses S. Grant, the Swing Around the Circle, and Presidential AmbitionWilliam Hardy55
"Work Is Worship": Morris Newfield's Social Activism in Birmingham, 1895-1940.Neal M. Hughes75
BERLIN, Generations of Captivity: A History of African-American SlavesCarmen Arzola87
HAHN, The Invention of the Creek Nation 1670-1763Dewi I. Ball88
I PACE and FRAZIER, Frontier Texas: History of a Borderland to 1880Chris Tingle90
HARVEY and O'BRIEN, George Washington's SouthCory Joe Stewart91
BORICK, A Gallant Defense: The Siege of CharlestonJohn R. Mass92
i ROTHMAN, Notorious In the Neighborhood: Sex and Families across the Color Line in Virginia, 1787-1861Kevin D. Butler93
LAKWETE, Inventing the Cotton Gin: Machine and Myth in Antebellum AmericaMelanie England94
CAMP, Closer to Freedom: Enslaved Women & Everyday Resistance in the Plantation SouthAngela Jill Cooley95
y PACE, Halls of Honor: College Men In the Old SouthKevin Windham97
l MISSALL and MISSALL, The Seminole Wars: America's Longest ConflictGary C. Cheek, Jr.98
PAVICH-LINDSAY, Anna: The Letters of a St. Simons Island Plantation Mistress, 1817-1859Kara Smith99
HICKS, Joseph Henry Lumpkin: Georgia's First Chief JusticeJeremy Pressgrove100
SCARBOROUGH, Masters of the Big House: Elite Slaveholders of the Mid-Nineteenth Century SouthAmy Crowson102
TUSHNET, Slave Law in the American South: State v. Mann in History and Literature,Scott Taylor Morris103
SMITH, A Traitor and a Scoundrel: Benjamin Hedrick and the Cost of DissentStephen W. Eldridge194
TETZLAFF, Cultivating a New South: Abbie Holmes Christensen and the Politics of Race and Gender, 1858-1938Vince Lowry106
HEWITT and BERGERON, Louisianans in the Civil WarMitchell McNaylor107
HUBBS, Guarding Greensboro: A Confederate Company in the Making of a Southern CommunityVictoria Resnick108
KRICK, Staff Officers in Gray: A Biographical Register of the Staff Officers in the Army of Northern VirginiaJohn Jefferson110
McKINNEY, Zeb Vance: North Carolina's Civil War Governor and Gilded Age Political LeaderRichard Shelton111
URWIN, Black Flag over Dixie: Racial Atrocities and Reprisals in the American Civil WarStephen McCullough113
GREEN, Chimborazo: The Confederacy's Largest HospitalTim Daniels114
SCHULTZ, Women at the Front: Hospital Workers in Civil War AmericaKevin M. Levin115
GALLAGHER, The Shenandoah Valley Campaign of 1862William R. Freeney117
BALLARD, Vicksburg: The Campaign that Opened the MississippiStephen McCullough118
TRUDEAU, Gettysburg: A Testing of CourageChris Nelson119
BROADWATER, Battle of Despair: Bentonville and the North Carolina CampaignJonathon Hooks120
BLAIR, Cities of the Dead: Contesting the Memory of the Civil War In the South, 1865-1914Christopher Bates122
DORSEY, To Build Our Lives Together: Community Formation in Black Atlanta, 1875-1906Andrew W. Kahrl123
HEIDARI, To Find My Own Peace: Grace King in Her Journals, 1886-1910Taylor Patterson125
CAMPBELL, Music and the Making of A New SouthChristian McWhirter126
ANGLIN, Women, Power, and Dissent in the Hills of CarolinaBruce E. Stewart128
HUTCHISSON and GREENE, Renaissance in Charleston: Art and Life in the Carolina Low Country, 1900-1940Candy Hudziak129
FELDMAN, The Disfranchisement Myth: Poor Whites and Suffrage Restriction in AlabamaMatthew Downs130
KEITH, Rich Man's War, Poor Man's Fight: Race, Class, and Power in the Rural South during the First World WarCharles P. Clark, Jr131
WOOD, Flannery O'Connor and the Christian Haunted SouthJeffrey R. Darnell133
GREEN, The New Deal and Beyond: Social Welfare in the South since 1930Bernard von Bothmer134
BROOKS, Defining the Peace: World War II Veterans, Race, and the Remaking of Southern Political TraditionPatrick R. Hampton136
MOHL, South of the South: Jewish Activists and the Civil Rights Movement in Miami, 1945-1960Michael Pasquier137
MALONE and STRICKLIN, Southern Music/American Music, by ChristianChristian McWhirter138
STOLL, Larding the Lean Earth: Soil and Society in Nineteenth Century AmericaDerek Oden154
OSTLER, The Plains Sioux and U.S. Colonialism From Lewis and Clark to Wounded KneeSarah E. Clark155
HARRIS, Lincoln's Last MonthsMichael J. Hoekstra156
EVANS, The Legend of John Wilkes Booth: Myth, Memory, and a MummyRobbie Reed157
FERGUSON, Hellcats: The 12th Armored Division in World War IICharles P. Clark, Jr.159
SAN MIGUEL, Contested Policy: The Rise and Fall of Federal Bilingual Education in the United States, 1960-2001Victor Gomez160
GRAHAM III, The Brothers' Vietnam War: Black Power, Manhood, and the Military ExperienceDrew Traulson162
FILLINGIM, Redneck Liberation: Country Music as TheologyJimmy M. Burford163
MILLARD, The Electric Guitar: A History of An American IconDaniel J. Simone164
McDONALD, Recovering the Past: A Historian's MemoirMatthew Kelley166