Author: Southern Historian

Volume 3 Contents

ARTICLES TitleAuthorpg Who Wears the Crown? A Comparison of the Royal Imagery of Queen Elizabeth and King James IAnita Wolff2 Elizabeth I and James I in Cheapside: Pageant MetaphorsJohn W. Ehman11 A Journey into Independence: The Pennsylvania Council of Safety, 1775-1776Paul Doutrick, III18 Letters From An Alabama Doughboy in the Great WarJane W. Newton29 Harold L. Ickes and the Oil Crisis of 1941: The "Cassandra" of National DefenseIra L. Kirkpatrick35 Book...

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Volume 2 Contents

ARTICLES TitleAuthorpg Highlights of 150 Years: The University of AlabamaCrawford King1 Flodden: A Scottish Military DisasterJ. Michael Hill10 Focus of Power: A Reqpprasial of Speaker Henry ClayLarry Schweikart18 Improvied Flotillas In Action, The Naval Engagement at MemphisRichard Brown Neely25 Book...

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Volume 1 Contents

Issue 1 ARTICLES TitleAuthorpg The Sherman-Johnston Campaign for AtlantaVernon L. Willimas1 The Economic Consequences of the Civil War in Clarke County, AlabamaJonathan Kaledin9 Books Reviews17 Issue 2 ARTICLES An Irrelevant Sharing: Ireland and the Marshall PlanRandall Pierce1 James Gillespie Birney: The Evolution of an AbolitionistGladys Williams10 Book...

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