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Volume 12 Contents

Editor's Page4 ARTICLES TitleAuthorpg The Constitution of the Confederate States of America: Innovation or Duplication?Edward L. White III5 Nationalism in the Shadow of Sectional Defeat.G. Clifton Vanderpool29 The Vine Street Community Church: History of a Southern CommuneDonald A. Rakestraw and Lennie E. Rakestraw44 Unequal Funding of AlabamaÕs Public Schools: An Historical PerspectiveGeorge W. Prewett53 Richard M. Nixon and the 1970 Midterm Elections in the South.Glen Moore60 Research Libraries in Southern History: Alabama, Part I. Brina J. Agranat72 A Decade of Scholarship: The Southern Historian, 1980-1990. Henry J. Walker, Julia G. Griffith82 BOOKS ON THE SOUTH Author(s)/TitleReviewerpg Gienapp, The Origins of the Republican Party 1852-1856Edward L. White III87 Bisher, Brown, et al., Architects and Builders in North Carolina: A History of the Practice of BuildingDonna R. Mills88 Stanton, Green Berets at War: U.S. Army Special Forces in Southeast Asia 1956-1975Donald A. Rakestraw89 May Robert E., The Southern Dream of a Caribbean Empire, 1854-1861,Michael A. McDonnell90 Watson, Liberty and Power: The Politics of Jacksonian AmericaG. Clifton Vanderpool91 Freyer (ed.), Justice Hugo Black and Modern AmericaRambod Behboodi93 Leon and Rosenzweig (eds.), History Museums in the United States: A Critical AssessmentP.E. Kell96 Foner, Reconstruction: AmericaÕs Unfinished Reoolution, 1863-1877Murray Robinson97 Sobel, The World They Made Together: Black and White Values in Eithteenth-Centruy VirginiaGlenn Crothers99 McMurray Two Great Rebel Armies: An Essay in Confederate Military HistoryBob England101 Watts, The Republic Reborn: War and the Making...

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Volume 13 Contents

Editor's Page6 ARTICLES TitleAuthorpg Culture and Ecology: Indians, Europeans, and Animal Husbandry in Colonial FloridaFrancis Xavier Luca7 Robert M. T Hunter and the Crisis of the Union, 1860-1861. Randall Moore25 The 1992 Kenneth R. Wesson Award The South and Black Cinema: an ExplorationStephen G. Meyer36 Perspectives on the Historiography of the Slave Family. by Anya Jabour..48Anya Jabour48 The 1992 Undergraduate Essay Award In Commemoration of 100 Year of Alabama Football Coach Bryant and the Years of Crisis, 1969-1970Randolph Gillum67 Archival Repositories and Museums/Exhibits in Southern History: Alabama, Part IIKate Moore71 BOOKS ON THE SOUTH Author(s)/TitleReviewerpg Abernathy, And the Walls Come Tumbling DownGlen C. Moore83 Abernethy, The Formative Period in AlabamaDaniel Dean Roland83 Ammon, James MonroeStuart Leibiger84 Baker, Lighthouses of TexasPatricia Bellis Bixel85 Berry, Located LivesLenore Graham Thomas86 Bolsterli, Born in the DeltaAnya Jabour87 Botkin, ed., Lay My Burden DownSteven J. Sarson87 Burr, The Secret EyeJean V. Berlin88 Byme and Weaver, ods., Haskell of GettysburgRichard E. Kehrberg89 Callahan, The Freedom Quilting BeeBarbara J. Rozek90 Campbell, An Empire for SiaveryPatricia Bellis Bixel90 Carr,et al Robert Cole's World Marion Nelson Winship91 Carter, "Dear Old Kit"Richard E. Kehrberg92 Chesnutt and Willson, eds., The Meaning of South Carolina HistoryR. Randall Moore93 Clary, Fortress AmericaJ. Tracy Power94 Cohen, At Freedom's EdgeJean V. Berlin94 Coit, John C CalhounRobert E. McFarland95 Cooper, The Conservative RegimeMeg Greene96 Davis, Who ls BlackRebecca Bales97 Davis, Diary 4 a Confederate Soldier...

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Volume 14 Contents

ARTICLES TitleAuthorpg "One Undivided Current": Politics, Society and the Religious Settlement in VirginiaBy A. Glenn Crothers5 The 1993 Kenneth R. Wesson Award: The Transformation of Horace Wilkinson: Progressivism and the Ku Klux Klan in the 1920s.By Glenn Feldman20 The 1992 Undergraduate Essay Award: The Kennedy Era in the South Reporting the Rage: An Analysis of Newspaper Coverage of the Freedom Rides of May, 1961By ]ason Paul Clabaugh41 The Anti-Communist Prism: Perceptions of the Civil Rights Yeats, 1961-1964By J. Mark Leavins58 BOOKS ON THE SOUTH Author(s)/TitleReviewerpg ALEXANDER, Ambiguous Lives, by Ed Hatton71 ARNOLD, Colonial Arkansas 1686-1804 by Melissa Langley72 BAER and_JONES, eds., African American in the South by Rebecca Bales73 BALLARD, Pernbermn, by Phillip Papas74 BERLIN and others, eds., Freedom, Series I Vol. III by Jean V. Berlin75 BUENGER and CALVERT eds., Texas Through Time by Patricia Bellis Bixel76 BYNUM, Unruly Women, by Anya Jabour76 CARPENTER, The South as a Conscious Minority; 1789-1861, by Theodore P Kallman78 CASHIN, Lachlan McGillivray Indian Trade; by G. Ward Hubbs79 CECIL-FRONSMAN, Common Whites, by Robert E. McFarland81 CHANCE, Jefferson Davis's Mexican War Regiment; by Charles J. Rector82 COZZENS, No Better Place to Die, by Jeffrey T. Brierton82 CROOKS, Jacksonville After the Fire. 1901 -1912 by Stephanie E. Yuhl84 ELLIS, Yellow Fever & Publicœ Health in the New South, by P. E. Kell85 FREMANTLE, Three Months in the Southern States, by Matthew Hayes Nall85 GALLAGHER,...

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Volume 15 Contents

ARTICLES TitleAuthorpg The 1994 Kenneth R. Wesson Award: War and Reconciliation in the 19th-Century American South: The Personal Journey of William Gordon McCabeBy Ray Drinkwater5 Rethinking the Civil War: Beyond "Revolutions," "Reconstructions" and the "New Social History." By Eric T. Dean, Jr.28 "A Smile on Her Face and a Song on Her Lips": Home Extension Work Among East Tennessee Farm Women During the Agricultural Depression of the 1920s.By Melissa Walker51 Pickets in the Woods: The Strikes and Conciliation Behind Thornhill vs. AlabamaBy Jon Chalmers68 A Study of Southern Loyalism: The Politics of Thomas Macknight.By John Paden78 BOOKS ON THE SOUTH Author(s)/TitleReviewerpg AYERS, The Promise of the New South, by Daniel Kilbride90 BENSON, Berry Benson's Civil War Book, by James Grant Crawford92 BRADSHAW, The Appalachian Regional Commission, by Jeffery B. Cook93 BRUNDAGE, Lynching in the New South, by Brenna J. Ryan94 CAMPBELL, Before Came Freedom, by Mark M. Smith95 CARLEBACH, Farm Security Administration Photographs of Florida, by Daniel A. Clark96 CASTEL, Decision in the West, by Lesley J. Gordon-Burr97 CHAPLIN, An Anxious Pursuit, by John Paden98 CLARK, The Voice of the Frontier, by Terry Cowan100 CLINTON, Divided Houses, By Wanda Ellen Wakefield101 COBB, The Most Southern Place on Earth, by Scott Holzer102 COVINGTON, The Seminoles of Florida, by James Taylor Carson104 COZENS, This Terrible Sound, by Jeffrey T. Brierton105 CROFTS, Old Southampton, by Christopher J. Olsen106 CUTRER, Ben McCulloch and...

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Volume 16 Contents

ARTICLES TitleAuthorpg Other Loyalists: A Reconsideration of the Black Loyalist Experience in the American Revolutionary EraMichael McDonnell5 Angels of Peace in a Smitten Land: The Northern Teachers, Crusade in the Reconstruction South ReconsideredPerry Chang26 Gender and Authority in the West Virginia Antituberculosis Campaigns of the Progressive EraSandra Barney46 The Gentleman's White Supremacist: J. Strom Thurmond, the Dixiecrat Campaign, and the Evolution of Southern PoliticsTomiko Brown Hall61 BOOKS ON THE SOUTH Author(s)/TitleReviewerpg ALVIS, Religion and RaceErik Carlson87 BERGERON, The Civil War Reminiscences of Major Silas T Grisamore, CSA.Charles Rector88 BERLIN, ed., A Confederate NurseSharon A. Roger88 BERWANGER, The British Foreign Service and the American Civil WarPaul D. Gelpi, Jr 89 BOLTON, Territorial AmbitionSuzanne L. Summers90 BRAUND, Deerskins and DufflesDaniel d`Oney91 BRIDGES, The Rise of David DukeDavid Libby92 CAMPBELL, The Politics of DegoairThomas Winter93 CANTRELL, Kenneth and John B. Rayner and the Limits of Southern DissentGlenn Feldman94 DIN, Francisco BoulignyAnthony j. Seotti95 DITTMER, Local PeopleScott Holzer96 EAGLES, Outside Agitatorjohn Howard99 FINK and REED, eds., Race, Class, and Community in Southern Labor HistoryDavid T .Crauswell100 GALLAGHER, ed., The Second Day at GettysburgMelissa Frownfelter101 GANNON, FloridaWes Singletary102 GEORGIA DEPARTMENT OF ARCHIVES AND HISTORY Vanishing GeorgiaSandra Barney103 GIRAUD, A History of French LouisianaMargaret R. Hawthorne104 GRAGG, Confederate GoliathWilliam E. Emerson105 HAMBLEN and POWELL, eds., Connecticut Yankees at Gettysburg Lesley Gordon-Burr106 HENSON and PARIVIALEE, The Cartwright: of San AugustineBarbara j. Rozek107 HONEY Southern Lahor and...

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