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Volume 7 Contents

Editor's Page4 ARTICLES TitleAuthorpg The Making of a Southern Radical: Myles Horton and the Establishment of the Highlander Folk SchoolJohn W. Glen5 Joseph Taylor Robinson: Keystone of President Franklin D. Roosevelt's Supreme Court 'Packing' PlanCecil Edward Weller, Jr.23 Louisiana Reaction to the Beginning of World War IIJerry Purvis Sanson31 BOOKS ON THE SOUTH Author(s)/TitleReviewerpg Alabama and BorderlandsDavid L. Sowell40 Slavery and Slave TradeTully Hunter40 Bibliography of ReligionC. David Dalton41 North Carolina ExperienceJames L. Hunt42 Black AmericansThomas W. Richey43 American Log BuildingsSusan Hamburger44 Evolution of BackcountryMark V. Kwasny45 Washington PapersJMD46 Anthony WayneMark Thompson46 Arms and IndependenceJames F. Medley47 American DiplomacyHenry E. Mattox48 An Uncivil WarRichard Rankin49 Lauren's PapersStaff50 Destructive WarMark Thompson50 Shadow on ChurchJoel W. Huffstetler51 University of GeorgiaAlice E. Reagan51 Novus Ordo SeclorumJames L. Hunt53 Radical PoliticsMark Zimmerman54 Two If By SeaRobert M. Browning, Jr. 54 MilledgevilleGregory Bowen55 Enclosed GardenMark S. Schantz56 Black Abolitionist PapersC. David Dalton57 Antebellum AgricultureJMD58 John A. QuitmanJanet L. Coryell58 Line of DutyDale Prentiss59 James HammondPeggy Pritchard60 Halls of MontezumasEarl J. Hess61 In My Father's HouseHenry M. McKiven, Jr.62 Broken ChurchesSusan Curtis Mernitz62 Social RelationsD.F. Shapinsky63 Jefferson Davis PapersStaff64 Many Excellent PeopleBruce J. Schulman65 Labor of LovePamela Tyler66 My PassageR.L. Reid67 Lincoln FindsGregory Miller68 Boy ColonelCarol Reardon68 Stephen Dodson RamseurJames Birdseye69 March to the SeaEarl J. Hess70 Into the WildernessTimothy D. Johnson71 CSS AlabamaJMD71 When the War Was OverJoel D. Treese72 Legacy of FearHarold E....

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Volume 8 Contents

Editor's Page4 ARTICLES TitleAuthorpg The Influence of Francis Fauquier, William Small, and George Wythe on Thomas JeffersonBy Daniel Dean Roland5 Re-Evaluating Roeber: Change and Stability in Virginia Legal Culture, 1776-1810By J. Thomas Wren14 Vice-Admiral Sir Alexander Cochrane and the Southern Campaign to New Orleans, 1814-1815By William Abbot Henderson24 The 1987 Kenneth R. Wesson Award Nativism in the Old South: Know-Nothingism in Antebellum South CarolinaBy James Marchio39 Identifying the Antebellum Southern Poor White: A Preliminary Study of Sources and Methods.By Christopher S. Johnson54 Appomattox Court House Revisited.By Henry E. Mattox and Robert W. Mattox64 Bill Arp and the New South: The Misreading of a Homely Philosopher.By David B. Parker74 A Survey of Southern History.By James L. Hunt and John Morgan Dederer82 BOOKS ON THE SOUTH Author(s)/TitleReviewerpg McCusker and Menard, Economy of British North America by Rebecca K. Starr93 Rutman and Rutman. A Plane in TimeBy Jack D. Warren94 Salmon, Women and the Law by Gail S. Terry95 Galenson, Traders, Plantars by Nicole Etcheson96 Kulikoff, Tobacco and Slaves by Lance A. Betros96 Breen, Tobacco Culture by Mary Jane Brazy97 Van Horne, Religious Philanthropyby Christopher Neil Fritsch98 Weir, American Freemenby Mark Thompson99 Cashin, Colonial Augustaby Mark A. Mastromarino100 Nash, Race, Classby Lauren L. Butler101 Ogden, American Housewife by Janet L. Coryell102 Searcy, Georgia-Floridaby Holly A. Mayer103 Hyneman and Lutz. Political Writingby Staff104 Higginbotham. George Washingtonby Staff104 Henri, Southern Indians, and Prucha, Indiansby...

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Volume 9 Contents

ARTICLES TitleAuthorpg Support for the National Democratic Party in South Carolina During the Dixiecrat Revolt of 1948.John E. Borsos7 Lift Tennessee Out of the Mud: Ideology and the Good Roads Movement in Tennessee.Jeanette Keith22 Key West During the Civil War: An Island of Discontent?Edward L. White III38 Thinking Back on C. Vann Woodward: Reflections on Change and Continuity in Southern HistoryJohn D. M. Griffiths51 BOOKS ON THE SOUTH Author(s)/TitleReviewerpg Bailey, Class and Tennessee Confederate GenerationRobert T. Maberry, Jr61 Bell, Major Butler's LegacyRichard S. Duckes62 Berwanger, ed., My DiaryJ. Tracy Power62 Blackett, Beating Against the OddsEva Semien Baham63 Boles and Nolen, eds., Interpreting Southern HistoryAnthony Carey64 Clayton and Salmond, The South is Another LandRoland C. Smoot, Jr65 Fairclough, To Redeem the Soul of AmericaEdward L. White III67 Gerteis, Morality and UtilityGregory M. Britton67 Gottlieb, Making Their Own WayJohn E. Borsos68 Hair, Carnival of Fury and Baiamonte, Spirit of VengeanceDavid B. Parker69 Hamilton, Lister HillJ. Wesley Hughes71 Heitmann, Louisiana Sugar IndustryWilliam Bishel71 Hewitt, Port Hudson,Jim Bridseye72 Hobson, Papers of John MarshallStaff72 Hoffman, Spain and the Roanoke VoyagesJim Bridseye73 Horsman, Josiah Nott of MobileThomas W. Richey74 Howington, What Sayeth the LawWanda Hendricks75 Jones, Lee Õs TigersDavid L. Bucy76 Lambert, South Carolina LoyalistsJim Bridseye76 Luvass, Jay, and Nelson, eds., Guide to the Battle of Antietam, Guide to the Battle of Gettysburg, and Wert, From Winchester to Cedar CreekDavid L. Bucy77 Manis, Southern Civil...

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Volume 10 Contents

Editor's Page6 ARTICLES TitleAuthorpg The 1989 Kenneth R. Wesson Award Jefferson Davis and the State of Missouri: A Critical Assessment of the Phyrric Victories, 1860-61Sara L. Sale7 Black Seminoles in Territorial Florida.George E. Klos26 William H. Crawford and the Election of 1824.Harold Campbell43 Sharecroppers for Civil Liberties.David Boling53 Civil War Fictional Propaganda: Mary Anne CruseÕs Cameron HallLaurie Arnston66 BOOKS ON THE SOUTH Author(s)/TitleReviewerpg Anderson, The Education of Blacks in the SouthHarrold E. Mahan78 Ash, Middle Tennessee Society Transformed, 1860-1870: War and Peace in the Upper SouthJean Berlin79 Bartley, Evolution of Southern CultureJim Birdseye80 Batteau, Appalachia and America: Autonomy and Regional DependenceJoel W. Huffstetler81 Betts, Thomas Jeffersonis Farm BookMark A. Mastromarino81 Boles, Masters and Slaves in the House of the Lord: Race and Regligion in the American South, 1740-1870Jolm E. Borsos83 Cole, Civil War Eyewitnesses: An Annotated Bibliography of Books and Articles, 1955-1986J. Tracy Power83 Nelson, Those Terrible Carpetbaggers: A ReinterpretatioEva Semien Baham84 Currie-McDaniels, Carpetbagger of Conscience: A Biography of John Emory BryantJoseph E. Brent86 Dewey, Thomas Jefferson, LawyerDaniel Dean Roland88 Douglass, My Bondage and My FreedomWanda Hendricks89 Dowd~Jones, et. al., Like a Family: The Making of a Southern Cotton Mill WorldWilford Caulkins90 Eighmy, Churches in Cultural Captivity: A History of the Social Attitudes of Southern BaptistsChristopher H. Owen92 Finkelman, Slavery, Race and the American Legal System, 1700-1872David L. Bucy92 Fite, Cotton Fields No More: Southern Agriculture, 1865-1980Pamela Riney-Kehrbert93 Glen,...

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Volume 11 Contents

ARTICLES TitleAuthorpg The 1990 Kenneth R. Wesson Award A Question of Security: The Confederacy's Policy in East Tennessee, 1861-1863Edward L. White III1 Beyond the Call of Duty: Representative John Sparkrnan of Alabama and World War II, 1939-1945Henry J. Walker Jr.24 Segregation in Charleston in The 1950's, A Decade of Transition. William D. Smyth43 BOOKS ON THE SOUTH Author(s)/TitleReviewerpg Wynes, Charles Drew: the Man and the MythJoel W. Huffstetler82 Lyons, Two Sides of the Sunbelt: The Growing Divergence Between Rural and Urban SouthG. Clifton Vanderpool82 Sewell, A House Divided: Sectionalism and the Civil War; 1848-1865Thomas Richey83 Miller and Smith, Dictionary of Afro-American SlaveryWanda Hendricks84 Hall and James, An Uncertain Tradition: Constttutlonaltsm and the History of the SouthEva Semlen Baham84 Cashman, America in the Gilded Age: From the Death of Lincoln to the Rise of Theodore RooseveltHarold E. Mahan85 Vipperman, William Lowndes and the Transition of Southem PoliticsJean V. Berlin86 Kupperman, Captain John Smith.Jean V. Berlin87 Faust, The Creation of Confederate Nationalism: Ideology and Identity In the Civil War SouthJ. Tracy Power88 Crist and Dix, The Papers of Jefferson Davis, Vol. 6: 1856-1860Richard F. Kehrberg88 Schopp, Alexandre Dumas: Genus of LifeEva Semien Baham89 Smith, The Presidencies of Zachary Taylor & Millard FillmoreDaniel Dean Roland90 Foster, Ghosts of the Confederacy: Defeat, Lost Cause, and the Emergence of the New SouthJoel W. Huffstetler90 Grantham, The Life and Death of the Solid South: A...

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