Author: Sarah Craddock

Types of Submissions

In addition to the traditional peer reviewed academic articles, the Southern Historian is also accepting a variety of manuscripts as described below. We call them “Think Pieces.“

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Volume 37

Southern Historian Vol. XXXVII Spring 2016 Table of Contents Articles From the Editor’s Desk p. 6 A Conversation with Dr. Peter Kolchin, Rachel K. Deale, p. 7 Ardent Nullifier and Gradual Emancipator: The Paradox of Virginia Governor John Floyd, Lucas P. Kelley, p. 23 “Let them and their religion be”: The Defeat of the Georgia Know Nothing Party by Irish Immigrants and the Democratic Party, 1854-1856, Alfred E. Cook III, p. 46 “The Women Are the Devils!”: Winchester, Virginia and Women’s Narrative Authority in the Civil War, April 1861 – March 1862, Sarah Hainbach, p. 63 “She-Rebels” in the...

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