Just pick your favorite quote from southern history and email it to the Southern Historian. Any student, graduate or undergraduate, may participate.

Deadline for the 2018 Issue is March 1, 2018.


  1. Pick a quote that depicts the South—no more than 150 words (see guidelines for choosing a quote).
  2. Email (southernhistorian.ua@gmail.com) your quote with a full citation of the source, unless it is your own creation—if it is yours, then say so in the email. You must transcribe your quote in the email. Do not send it as an attachment, scanned photo copy, or picture. Email us from your university email address, so that we can identify your student status. 
  3. We will announce the winner on our website with the publication of our latest issue.

Guidelines for Judging Process:

  1. Our staff will collect all quotes and remove any indication your identity or information about the source of the quote before sending it to our faculty advisors who will function as our judges.
  2. No preference will be given to length or to any specific time period or genre (history, literature, poetry, music lyrics, stand-up comedy, film, your own creation, or any other genre).
  3. Quotes will be judged on the basis of how well it conveys a sense of “the South“ (again see guide-lines for choosing a quote).
  4. Judging process will progress in a series of panels.

Guidelines for choosing a quote:

  1. You should aim to find a quote that depicts a moment, a feeling about, an attitude, an event, a cultural trait(s), anything that defines some aspect of or perception of the South at any given time in history. The idea is that when the judges read it they think—“that’s the South.“
  2. It may be a quote from any work on southern history, southern literature, music lyrics, poetry, a film about the south, etc.
  3. It does not have to be written by a southerner nor must it have been created in the South.
  4. It can be a non-southerners’ perceptions of the South.
  5. Your quote must be in English or a southern dialect that the judges can easily understand.
  6. Your quote may be translated from another language into English.